Egypt is without doubt one of the most fascinating places on the planet. Rich in history, diverse in culture, and ever evolving economically and politically, it is small wonder that the country has a whole “ology” devoted to its study.


My family and I are fortunate to be living in Maadi for 10 months while my wife studies International Human Rights law at American University in Cairo.  Having arrived here with no permanent place to live, no school for our 5-year-old son and no Arabic, we are of necessity undertaking a “crash course” in our host country.

The Egypt Quiz is my term project for this crash course, as I turn some of the surprising, interesting and enlightening facts that I come across into a weekly contest.  My goal is for the reader to find it informative as well as entertaining.

Please feel free to comment, offer corrections, or suggest ways to improve the site.  I hope you will come away with a deeper appreciation for the Gift of the Nile.

Jeff Lee
Maadi, Egypt
October 2010